Walking Projects Plus CIC is a small-scale but expert research and consulting service in the field of walking, active travel and recreation. By working with a network of experienced partners, we are able to deliver projects for a range of existing and potential customers, including:

    • Public sector clients, such as
      • health and activity promotion agencies
      • transport authorities
      • local authority environment departments
      • regional environmental projects
      • tourism and inward investment agencies
    • Charities and voluntary organisations, such as
      • ‘Friends of’ and community groups
      • environmental charities
      • charities and NGOs wishing to organise fundraising events
    • Landowners, such as utility companies or developers, wishing to add facilities that benefit residents and visitors and interested in promoting their sites to stakeholders and the public
    • Tourism and hospitality providers, such as
      • hotels, hostels, pubs and cafes
      • heritage sites and visitor attractions
    • Businesses and other employers interested in
      • utilising their CSR budgets on local community or environmental projects
      • identifying and promoting walking and other active travel options for the benefit of their workforce and visitors
      • organising walking-related events for their employees
    • Members of the public (residents or visitors) wishing to attend guided walks

Whatever your interest in walking, active travel or recreation, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.